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Last Christmas, the Peanuts' Christmas special prompted me to re-read the Gospel of Luke. If you’ve ever seen the special, you may remember that Charlie Brown asks about the true meaning of Christmas. Linus replies, quoting from Luke:

A beautiful scene, and so inspiring! So I began Luke’s Gospel. Like many, I like to read at night before bed, and I found that the bulk and weight of the Bible made reading it in bed very difficult. Not only that, but the pages are thin (and prone to ripping if you nod off) and the type is small. Right then, I just wanted to read the Gospel of Luke, so I tried to find single books of the Bible.

I found a couple books online, but they cost $9 or $10 and included commentary, which is fine, just not what I was looking for. You can print Bible pages from various websites, which is wonderful. But you have to do it chapter by chapter and you end up with a thick stack of pages stapled in one corner. By the time you add up your time, paper and ink, you have spent more than $2.95 to $5.95.

So I decided to publish the Bible, book by book. BibleByBook.com publishes individual books of the Bible in a magazine-style format. BibleByBook.com uses the text of the New International Version (NIV), under license with Zondervan. The text is entirely that of the NIV without alteration. Our books are 8.5" by 11", saddle-stitched (stapled) like a magazine, and printed on high-quality paper.

Our Bible books are useful for school and Bible study, for casual readers, travelers and commuters and for those who prefer larger type. They are great for making notes and highlights, for reading on a subway or airplane or for rolling up and putting in your purse to read while you sit in the waiting room at the doctor's office.

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My wife and I and our four kids live in Oceanside, Calif. and enjoy a wonderful life there. I hope you find these Bible books useful and thanks for visiting our site!
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